BizTalk Project Template is missing in Visual Studio 2012

I ran couple of times into this issue so thought of documenting it here.

So first of all development of BizTalk Server 2013 application is only supported on Visual Studio 2012.

In short, to get BizTalk Project Template do the following steps:

  1. Install Visual Studio 2012
  2. Install SQLServer2012 or SQLServer2008R2 SP1
  3. Install BizTalk Server 2013  – Select (mark all check box) all the features while installing BizTalk Server 2013
  4. Configure BizTalk Server 2013

As per the BizTalk product documentation BizTalk Server Developer Tools and the SDK component need to be installed for development environment for building BizTalk Server applications.

If you have missed to install those component during you BizTalk installation there are chances you run into the issue of “BizTalk Project Template is missing in Visual Studio 2012“.

Selecting the Developer Tools and SDK component installs samples and utilities that enable the rapid creation of Microsoft BizTalk Server solutions. This includes: SDK samples and supporting documentation, BizTalk Explorer, schema and map designers, and Visual Studio 2012 project templates. This component requires Visual Studio 2012.

This feature requires the following missing platform components to be installed: WCF HTTP ACTIVATION 4.5,IIS ASPNET 4.5


So its better to Install Visual Studio 2012 firstto get ASPNET 4.5 and WCF HTTP requirements met before installing BizTalk Server.


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