.NET Debugging for production environments

I stumbled to this free training video series  .NET Debugging Starter Kit series . This was created by  Brad Linscott a Premier Field Engineer.

This series will teach you how to use various tools – including the Debugging Tools for Windows package (e.g., windbg) – to resolve your .NET application issues in a production and pre-production environment, including post-mortem analysis of dump files.

  1. Diagnosing Application Issues – 01
  2. Using Perfmon to Diagnose Application Issues – 02
  3. Windbg & SOS – 03
  4. Common Debugging Commands – 04
  5. High CPU Hangs – 05
  6. Managed Exceptions – 06
  7. Case Study: Debugging the Load Test – 07
  8. How to identify CLR threads in a dump – 08
  9. The basics of dumping out a managed object – 09
  10. Preparing to troubleshoot memory pressure issues: a primer on virtual memory – 10
  11. Analyzing a dump of a process under memory pressure – 11
  12. Putting it all together: finding root cause of high memory pressure – 12

Hope this would be helpful to me at least if I need some kind of help while debugging .net code in production 🙂

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