3-Week Free Blogging Course

One of the technical blog which I’ve been following for quite some time is Simpleprogrammer.com by John Sonmez.  John is the author of over 50 Pluralsight Courses and his blog is totally devoted for software developers. He has really some good content on his blog, YouTube channel and pod casts which can be helpful to any software developer.


What really impress me about John is that he is one of the very few software developers who is financially free at the age 33 only. I feel this is one of the greatest achievement in his life as this give him freedom to work because he chose to, not because he has to.


I had signed up his free 3 – weeks blogging course which really helped me to improve my blog and he also put my blog link in his blog post Blogging Course Graduates

This course can change your life, creating a blog can be one of the biggest thing in you life as it happened for John. If you are a software developer and you don’t have your own blog I highly recommend you to sign up this free course.



He has also written a book recently which  I am reading now and its definitely a worth reading even if you don’t agree with everything in the book.



So are you interested to start your blog? Just sign up at http://devcareerboost.com/blog-course/, I am sure you won’t regret it 🙂

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