Exploring and Evaluating Azure Logic Apps

Azure App Service was announce almost three months back on 24th March but the word “Microservice” had got popularity and gained new interest in Microsoft integration community just after the Integrate Summit  in December last year.

Josh Twist who has recently taken over a product manager role in the Integration area at Microsoft introduced Azure Logic Apps in Azure Friday where he shared how this new service can help developers to automate the access and use of data and business processes across your web and mobile apps.


He was supposed to do the keynote session in BizTalk Summit 2015 but was unable to make it, so he shared some of his thoughts and offered a Q&A in Integration User Group Event.


Apart from Josh there are other experts from the product group and from community have shared their thoughts in different events like Build 2015,  BizTalk Summit London, Microsoft Ignite  & Integration User Group

So I have put together a list of all the sessions for anyone who is interested in exploring and evaluating Azure Logic Apps for their integration solution.


If you have any feedback or ideas on Azure Logic Apps you can send them to Product Group team at http://feedback.azure.com/forums/287593-logic-apps

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