"Sharing is caring!" – Interview with Abhishek, 2 times MVP

If you are new to BizTalk and need some suggestion to move on, you can check out BizTalk Experts Advice. There is also excellent online free resources, MSDN TechNet. This is the best place where the Experts in BizTalk community contribute and share their knowledge.

We also have a very active BizTalk MSDN Forum where people help by responding all your query / question. I am starting this interview series with the active members and contributors in forum who responds most of the published questions based on their knowledge and experience.

I start this series by chatting with Abhishek Kumar .


Abhishek is one of the active member and contributor on the forum who give his best to read all questions and provides the answers based his research, knowledge and experience. He believes, he may fail to answer all the questions but each day he get opportunity to learn something new.

He is TechNet Guru Medal Winner and has been active on forums since Jan 2011.

On 1st January 2015 he was awarded as Integration MVP !!!!!


Question: Can you please introduce yourself?

Answer: I am Abhishek Kumar. I am currently working as Integration consultant at Datacom, New Zealand. My work involves around Integration Platform developed on Microsoft Technologies like Microsoft BizTalk Server and Logic Apps recently. With Datacom you get inspired by peoples like Mark Brimble and Mahindra Morar with their expertise in Integration space. They have done a marvelous job in writing book SOA Patterns with BizTalk Server 2013 (2nd edition) and it’s worth reading if anyone wants to learn for experts.


Question: When and how you came to know about that you have been selected as MVP first time and how did you feel?

Answer: With any achievement you earn, you find lots of peoples helping you out in the way. Same was with me. I find my friend Mahesh S Tiwari  and Kent weare as source of inspiration. I got my first MVP award in January 2015 and it’s always a big surprise, when you don’t expect it. You never know until you get a surprise mail from your MVP lead about the prestigious award on the day of judgment.


Question: What do you think it was which got you this reward 2nd time – kind of contribution you provided to BizTalk community?

Answer: Community is the place of learning. You learn and get concept from various peoples across the world and that’s the moto behind my community contribution. As a Learner or you may say contributor I tried to read each question published to MSDN forums  and do my research over it. You may fail but each day you get opportunity to learn something new.


Question: How this award is helping in your career? Are you getting new opportunities?

Answer: MVP award program gives you chance to meet like-minded experts personally and virtually both. You increase you Knowledge base and learn from these experts around the globe. This is the real gain what anyone thought of being a MVP. If you are a MVP and expert in your own area you will get multiple opportunities which is aligned to your career path.


Question: What advice would you give to anyone about community contribution and this MVP award?

Answer: Do the community contribution and don’t think much about the award. There are always peoples who look for your good work. I never associate my work with any sort of award. If you get praised for your work then treat it as award too:) Community contribution can be done in multiple ways like writing blogs like you do , replying to questions on forums , uploading some useful code over MSDN etc etc.


Question: What motivates you to do the community work?

Answer: There was a nice Quote from Tord Glad Nordahl one of the BizTalk Expert and Motivational figure “Sharing is caring”. So if you care about others then do share Knowledge. Everyone has some spare times, and if you utilize it in helping needy ones its self-satisfactory.

Thanks Abhikesh for sharing your thoughts.

Congrats for the MVP 2nd time and I wish you all the very best for your new Integration Consultant role at Datacom.

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