6 thoughts on “Getting started with EAI solution in Logic apps

  1. Hi Gautam, How do we create the B2B/EAI solution using Visual studio 2017. I cant find Integration Pack for 2017.

      1. Yes that’s what I am doing right now. But this is yet to come for Visual studio 2017. Correct?

  2. Hi, In my case am trying to post an xml http request to Logic app.
    And do transform xml and send the transform xml as http response body.
    From the response body, am trying to do a foreach loop of the transform xml with json conversion using @json(xml(body(‘Transform_XML’)))?[‘ns0:Orders’]?[‘ns0:Order’]
    and insert into on-premise sql server. But in insert row am not able to get the field values after json conversion. kindly help.

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