Best Azure sessions from Microsoft Ignite 2015

This year Microsoft has launched a new IT conference called Microsoft Ignite. It was a 4 days event, May 4-8 at Chicago.


It’s for IT professionals who need hands-on experience to enhance their tech skills. It’s for enterprise developers and architects looking for innovative ways to maximize application development. It’s for those who want to feel inspired and enlightened.

Topics covered includes cloud infrastructure and management, big data and analytics, productivity, unified communications, operating systems, mobile devices and more.

Here are the list of some of best session.

App Service


Service Fabric



Best Azure sessions from Build 2015

App Service



Service Fabric


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Welcome to New Cloud Integration Platform: Azure App Service

Microsoft has just released the public preview of Azure App Service, a new Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering for web and mobile apps that allows you to build quickly and easily a new integration solutions.


If you happened to be working on Microsoft Integration platform you should definitely tune in to Scott Guthrie’s Azure Announcement  where Scott Guthrie and Bill Staples introduce Azure App Service and show how you can build cloud scale web and mobile apps faster than ever before and with less code.

After the Integrate Summit  in December last year, the term “microservices” has suddenly gained new interest in the Microsoft integration community.

At INTEGRATE 2014 Microsoft detailed the new Application platform concepts on how they were going to build their PaaS story in Azure around the Microservices architecture and how the integration capabilities would fit in. Today they released the preview for these capabilities.

The proposed platform consist of discrete components (microservices) selected from the gallery, composed within a browser-based IDE and deployed to an Azure Web Site container.

Azure App Service today includes support for the following built-in connectors that you can use to construct and automate your Logic App workflows:


Combined the above connectors provide a super powerful way to build and orchestrate tasks that run and scale within your apps. You can now build much richer web and mobile apps using it.

Watch this Azure Friday video about Logic Apps with Scott Hanselman and Josh Twist to learn more about how to use it.


You also might want to check out some excellent write-ups by some of the top integration experts in the world.

Welcome Azure App Service. Some of My Thoughts

Azure App Service: BizTalk Server PaaS Done Right

First Look at Azure API Apps and Logic Apps

Introducing Azure App Service

You can try it all out for free right now… So lets give it a try 🙂

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